Ben December 5, 2016
Just few weeks to the end of the British business reality television series – The Apprentice, Lord Sugar is now shopping for new candidates for the 2017 competition. the apprentice uk lord sugar The business Mogul yesterday shared a link on his Twitter handle creating awareness that the search for new candidates for the next series is open. He wrote “I am looking for a new 50/50 business partner for the next series of The Apprentice”. Sadly, Sugar expressed his disappointment over criticisms on social media that some of the candidates are not business contenders. Sugar stated “This really is a life changing experience. I know we get some stick on social media criticizing some of the candidates and saying they are not business contenders, but that is unfair. “It is always much harder than it looks and the candidates work hard, they are ultra-competitive and are normally working to strict time lines! But don’t be put off by that, let me tell you what this is really about”. On how the business game works he said “Once the winner is announced we form a new company and I put £250,000 in and we each get 50% of the shares. I have a team of backroom people who assist the winners in all the boring but very important stuff like accounts, filing statutory accounts, VAT returns, leases of premises etc… There are also monthly board meetings”. Lord Sugar also mentioned the effect of the show on the winners from 2011. “So let’s see the LIFE CHANGING effect of the past business partner winners… Tom Pellereau – Winner 2011 Company: Aventom Ltd Pre-tax profits to June 2013 after all expenses and salaries of £168,144.00. 16 employees. Got married bought a house now has 2 kids. Ricky Martin – Winner 2012 Company: Hyper Recruitment Solutions Ltd. June 2015 pre-tax profits after all expenses and salaries of £231,130.00. Scheduled to make £375,000.00 to June 2016. 28 employees. Got Married and bought a house. Leah Totton – Winner 2013 Company: DR LEAH LTD June 2015 pre-tax profits after all expenses and salaries of £242,311.00. Scheduled to make £250,000.00 to June 2016. 18 employees. Clinics in Moorgate, London and Loughton, Essex. Mark Wright – Winner 2014 Company: Climb Online Ltd Amazingly in the FIRST year to June 2015 managed to turn a pre-tax profit of £68,936.00. Scheduled to quintuple those profits to £350,000.00 to June 2016. 32 Employees. Joseph Valente – Winner 2015 Company: Impra-Gas Ltd No filed accounts yet (only formed January 2016). Employees 23. He enjoined interested candidates to apply now for the next series of The Apprentice, adding “If you have a good business idea, want to work for yourself and start your own business, then apply now using the link below.

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