Ben November 8, 2016
South Africa's Got talent South Africa's Got talent South Africa’s Got Talent Reality Television Show The South Africa’s Got Talent is a reality television show created by Simon Cowell. It is part of the global Got Talent series. The South Africa’s Got Talent commonly abbreviated SAGT, features a variety of performers like dancers, singers, comedians and other talented performers all vying for the advertised top prize of  R500,000. The first season of South Africa’s Got Talent show which is being aired on began in October 2009 and since the then has won the hearts of many South Africans and other lovers of reality tv shows. The SAGT auditions like other Got Talent series takes place in front of judges and a live audience. The participants compete against each other for audience support as the contestant with the highest number of public votes is automatically placed in the final. So far there has been seven seasons of the South Africa’s Got Talent. Winners of the South Africa’s Got Talent Reality show Season 1 (2009): Darren Rajbal Season 2 (2010): James Bhemgee Season 3 (2012): Bothale Bolkanyo Season 4 (2013): Johnny Apple Season 5 (2014): Tholwana Mohale Season 6 (2015): DJ Arch JNR Season 7(2016): Kryptonite Dance Academy   Season 8 auditions will soon begin, please subscribe to our blog to receive latest updates and news about SAGT and other reality shows. Did you find something of value in this post? Please share what you learned with your friends by clicking the social media icons below.

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