Ben November 11, 2016

Count Down to Miss Arewa Beauty Pageant Osun 2016

The die is cast, and the stage is set for the contestants of Miss Arewa Beauty Pageant Osun 2016 to slot it out at the grand finale  on  Sunday, November 13, 2016 Osun camp is already opened for the most anticipated beauty pageant in the South Western region of Nigeria. Contestants are already engaging in fitness exercise in preparation for the big event taking place at Oshogbo. Miss Arewa fitness exercise Miss Arewa Osun 2016 will be featuring fashion, music, dance, comedy among other talents. The winner goes home with a brand new car, cash, trips as well as other opportunities. There will also be consolation prizes for all the Osun edition contestants which include modeling contracts, micro business, grants, talent developed and mentorship. The Miss Arewa beauty pageant contestants that made it to the grand finale of this 3rd edition were selected during auditions in four cities- Osun, Oyo, Abeokuta and Lagos. Miss Arewa fitness exercise Miss Arewa beauty pageant  is organized by Centenary Event and Entertainment a subsidiary of Succeex Group of Company. The show is designed to showcase/celebrate the beauty and virtue of Nigeria women and their culture. Furthermore, Miss Arewa beauty pageant is also aimed at empowering women, entrepreneurship promotion, cultural orientation and job creation.

How the Winner of Miss Arewa 2016 will be Selected

All the winning queen for state editions will host the general public to a dinner /project lunch where the entire guest unlike in other shows, will vote and crown Miss Arewa Nigeria among the queens. Below Is a List of Editions and States therein.

State Editions:

Osun – 13th Nov, 2016 Oyo – 27th Nov, 2016 Ekiti – 4th Dec, 2016 Ondo – 11th Dec, 2016 Olumo – 18th Dec, 2016 Eko – 26th Dec, 2016

Miss Arewa Osun 2016

Below are the contestants for Miss Arewa Osun 2016 Miss arewa 2016 Osun We would keep you updated as these events unfold. Did you find something of value in this post? Please share what you learned with your friends.


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