Reality Shows

Ben January 14, 2018

Have you been yearning to work on a movie set with the Rock popularly known as Dwayne Johnson as well as other popular actors? Well, the opportunity is here as the Rock is working on his new movie “Rampage” in the Atlanta area and the film’s casting team is now looking for locals who would […]

Ben July 3, 2017

Tonight, Rachel Lindsay will have to make a decision on the bachelor she is sending home. The ABC reality dating show “The Bachelorette” season 13 episode 7 is coming up today Monday July 3, 2017. “The Bachelorette” fans are seriously angling to know the unfortunate dude that will be leaving the show in the upcoming […]

Ben June 12, 2017

Warner Bros. Studios has come up with a statement on why they suspended the production of the reality game show ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is a spinoff structured to reunite former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants to see if they can find love at a resort in Sayulita, Mexico. The statement about the Suspension […]

Ben June 8, 2017

It was an emotional thrilling night on America Got Talent last night as one of the reality show contestants who is deaf performed beyond the imagination of judges. According Mandy Harvey, she gradually started losing her hearing and things turned out for the worst when she finally lost all her hearing at the age of […]